We are aware that it is challenging to hire a CISO that you can afford to pay;  it's like finding a unicorn.

Automate CISO Activities Using our CISOBot

CISOBot is an AI-powered product that helps businesses establish and manage their cybersecurity strategy. CISOBot helps businesses answer questions about their cybersecurity posture, establish a plan to improve their cybersecurity posture and track their progress over time. CISOBot also provides businesses with a real-time view of their cybersecurity architecture and helps businesses accelerate compliance certifications.

There were 4000+ publicly disclosed data breaches in 2021; that's an average of 11.4 data breaches everyday. The number of records per breach have gone up at 20+ million records. Don't be a statistic, CISOBot will help automate your Cybersecurity Strategy.

Empower your CTO to be an effective CISO #NoCISO

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Bridge Cybersecurity Knowledge Gap

By visualizing the CyberSecurity topics and contextually taking action to filling the gaps in knowledge.


Establish Bespoke Cybersecurity Strategy

We help create a tailored CyberSecurity Strategy by adopting to the business requirement. Generate real-time architecture and data flow view.

Generate Policy & Procedure Documents

Automatically generating policy & procedure documents/templates which draws context from the infrastructure meta data.


Facilitate Answering Questionnaires

Tedious job of answering questions can be automated through our platform which using AI to understand and formulate appropriate responses.


Automate Infrastructure Security Monitoring

By establishing trust relationship, our system is able to scan and provide automated infrascture monitoring.


Accelerate Compliance Certification

Our audit platform that helps Accelerate Compliance Certification like SOC1, SOC2, ISO27001 & HIPAA


Regular Automated Pen Testing

We enable regular Penetration Testing to help keep on top of any attack surfaces that might open up.


Consolidated View of Tools/Vendors

The only security compliance tool that provides way to have a consolidated view of Tools and Vendors.


Enable Infrastructure Cost Savings

Help surface any wasted infrastructure spending by monitoring low or no usage compute and storage resources.


Network with Virtual CISOs

Through our platform get in touch with virtual CISOs and Access their knowledge on-demand